A Selection of High-Quality Soccer Cleats

Here at Soccer Kicks, we specialize in offering quality soccer cleats for soccer players of all ages, from high-top soccer cleats for youths to the latest brand name options for adults. We work to ensure the cleats within our selection offer the best structural support for players and are designed with playing safety and optimal performance in mind.

Cleat styles

When choosing cleats, it’s important to know more about the various style of soccer cleat in the marketplace. Choose your cleats based on the following:


Are you playing on hard ground? You may wish to choose cleats with a low profile that can allow you to remain balanced. For soft ground, you might choose cleats with replaceable studs to improve playing flexibility. While, if you’re playing indoors, you might choose flat-surfaced indoor cleats.


Some players are more comfortable with a tighter fitting cleat that have a greater surface area for shooting and passing. Others prefer a more streamlined cleat. Consider comfort levels when assessing the options.


Specific soccer cleats for youths such as high-top options are designed for the growing body and for comfort on the field. Make sure you consider the mechanics of the body before selecting the cleat.

Soccer players turn to Soccer Kicks for…


Whether you’re looking to buy old school Umbro cleats to glide across the field, or the latest in cleats from growing brands like Under Armor, we can help you pinpoint the ideal product.


We know many players will be playing indoors during the winter time, and so we offer the market’s leading indoor and outdoor cleats for your selection. We also offer quality cleats for goalkeepers and all positions on the field. Speak to one of our helpful store team members about which cleats suit your playing requirements.


We continue to update our range of soccer cleats regularly to ensure we offer the most comprehensive selection locally. We source products from our global supplier partners to help give soccer players throughout the area direct access to the best cleats.

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