Indoor Versus Outdoor Youth Soccer Shoes

Indoor Versus Outdoor Youth Soccer Shoes

When choosing quality indoor youth soccer shoes, it’s important that you know what makes them the ideal choice for use indoors. First, you should know the differences between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes and how these differences help kids stay safe and play effectively while enjoying the game.

Indoor shoes have gum rubber soles

One important defining feature of indoor shoes is an indoor rubber sole. The use of rubber in the shoe is designed to ensure the foot remains flat on the surface and retains traction while running with the ball. The flat sole of the shoe is also designed so that it doesn’t mark the playing surface.

Indoor soccer shoes are designed for stability

Each element of youth indoor soccer shoes is optimized for stability on the playing surface. Because the indoor playing surface is much harder than grass, the shoe will have more cushioning than the traditional outdoor soccer shoe for youth players. This cushioning ensures that the child’s heel and the bones at the bottom of the foot are protected against the constant impact on the playing surface.

Indoor shoes are lower cut by design

Another important feature of indoor soccer shoes is that they are lower-cut. Because there is very rarely any tackling or high passes played during indoor soccer games, there is limited need for upper foot protection as with outdoor soccer shoes. Outdoor soccer shoes are designed to protect the lower portion of the foot with limited protection closer to the ankle. Because they are designed to look very close to the style of a normal shoe, many soccer players wear their indoor soccer shoes in everyday life.

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