Tips for Buying Youth High Top Soccer Cleats

Tips for Buying Youth High Top Soccer Cleats

Buying soccer cleats requires you to understand the latest trends in design and knowing the different options available. Our trusted team at Soccer Kicks has decades of experience and in this latest post, we’re presenting tips for buying youth high top soccer cleats.

Read the reviews

Analyzing the reviews is the best way to begin your research of the latest soccer cleats at home. Find out more about the performance of the product and the value the product has given the wearer over time. Try to find reviews of those that have used the product over a period of a few months, as they are generally best-positioned to analyze the cleat and talk about its pros and cons.

Consider safety first

While performance on the field is a leading consideration when buying youth high top soccer cleats, the top factor should be the safety of the child. Ensure the cleats selected are designed to protect the child’s bones during play. High top soccer shoes are specifically designed to protect the ankle when twisting and turning with and without the ball. The player’s foot should also be protected against impact and so soccer cleats should feature significant interior padding.

Try on in the store

One of the most common mistakes parents make when buying youth soccer cleats for their kids is not trying on the cleats first in the store. This can lead to the cleats not fitting the child or the child not being comfortable on the field. Make sure you take the child to the Soccer Kicks store directly to try on the cleats in our selection. We have a full range of youth high top soccer cleats in our catalog from the top companies such as Nike, Puma and Under Armor.

Ensure a close fit

When trying on cleats within the store, make sure that the cleats fit closely to the child’s foot. That’s because the closeness of the fit will dictate their ability to use the ball during play. If the boot is too big, the child will be unable to run effectively, and they may be at risk of twisting injuries due to the movement of their foot in the cleat.

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