Whether You’re a Goalkeeper our Outfield Player, Learn the Unique Value of Soccer Cleats

Whether You’re a Goalkeeper our Outfield Player, Learn the Unique Value of Soccer Cleats

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a goalkeeper or outfield player running the midfield, you require specially designed soccer cleats to move efficiently across the field. But what makes soccer cleats different from those used in other sports? In this new post, our Soccer Kicks team explains more about the important differences that make soccer cleats so effective.

Designed for quick turns

Unlike other sports such as American football, soccer requires the player with the ball and those defending their net to make quick turns. Soccer cleats are designed with thin studs to help cut through the ground easily between plays. Because of the need for quick turns, you’ll also find that soccer cleats are actually shorter than cleats found on American football shoes and golf shoes.

Made from rubber, not metal

In most other sports, there’s little potential for a player’s foot to be raised and for the studs on the boots to impact opposing players. But when playing soccer, players often go into 50-50 challenges with the foot in a raised position. In addition, the goalkeeper can often get studs from cleats impacting their body when trying to make a save from close range. As such, using the latest plastic and rubber studs is preferred to metal options.

Blades for grass use

Soccer cleats are also now offered with blades instead of studs for gripping the surface. In some cases, blades can provide a greater turning radius for the player with the ball and will allow them to utilize all angles of play more effectively while limiting the potential for damaging twist and turn injuries. The use of blades in soccer cleats has helped mitigate injuries to the knee and ankle in recent years.

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