Trace the Evolution of Soccer Boots with Our Soccer Supplies Team

Trace the Evolution of Soccer Boots with Our Soccer Supplies Team

It’s no secret our Soccer Kicks team isobsessed with soccer, from playing it to watching it regularly. We have acomprehensive background in the game and we like to spread knowledge wheneverwe can. In this blog, we’d like to take this opportunity to explain theevolution of soccer boots, from the early days of organized soccer to the current soccersupplies and options.

A change from metal studs by the 1930s

The original boots that were created for the players used metal studs. From the late 1800s to the early 1930s, soccer players used metal studs on the field, but these studs were dangerous when being tackled. They provided strong traction, but if the momentum of the opposing player was going into your shin, it could cause your ankle to break, with your foot held in the ground by the metal studs. Interchangeable studs, ranging from plastic to light metals, were offered to players by the 1930s.

Leather boots fade away by the 1970s

By the 1970s, synthetic materials were beginning to replace leather boots, providing players with greater levels of durability and lighter footwear. Using the new synthetic materials, players were now able to dribble more comfortably with the ball and to control the ball more effectively by feeling the tightness of the synthetic material over the foot.

Greater number of brands offered in the 1980s

While Adidas and Nike were the two main competitors for soccer boots, many companies started to enter the marketplace in the 1980s and 1990s. Umbro became one of the more popular options during this time period with their classic boot providing players a level of durability that other boots at the time were unable to match.

New styles became available in the 1990s

By the latest 1990s, we had learned more about biomechanical performance and how the boot can be used to both protect the foot and manipulate the ball for the individual player. The 1990s were the era in which the popular players started to wear more brightly colored boots to stand out on the field. It was also the era in which hard tackling in the sport began to be highlighted and removed. Boots have been updated to accommodate greater safety features, with thinner blades replacing studs in some boots, to provide the ideal combination of traction, twist protection, and turning speed.

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