Our Soccer Goalie Equipment Experts Explain How to Shutout the Opposition as a Goalkeeper

Our Soccer Goalie Equipment Experts Explain How to Shutout the Opposition as a Goalkeeper

If you’re training to become a better goalkeeper, at first, it might seem as if there’s little you can do to stop a player from scoring. But with a little practice, and by following the right tips, you can be on your way to becoming the next Gianluigi Buffon or David De Gea.

In this post, our equipment experts at Soccer Kicks offer up some guidance and explain how to become a shutout soccer goalie.

Know your angles

Knowing your angles can make all the difference as a goalkeeper. Your objective is to give as small a target as possible for the opposition player to find the net. This means that when, for example, a player is attacking your goal from the side, you should always try to protect the near post. This is because it makes it more difficult for the attacking player to find the right angle to score the goal.

Make sure your stomach is covering a central line toward the middle of the goal.

Throw out your arms together when making a save

You should always try to keep your arms as tight as you can when making a save. This is to minimize the chance of the ball flying through your arms. When diving, pretend you have imaginary hand-cuffs over your wrists and keep your arms tight, then use your momentum to push the ball as far away from the goal as possible.

Punch the ball if you’re unsure

One of the most common mistakes we see goalkeepers make, at all levels, is trying to catch a fast-moving ball. Attempting to catch a fast-moving shot, especially with modern balls that move in unusual patterns, can cause you to drop the ball in a dangerous position, or even in your own net. Follow the techniques of the top goalkeepers and use two hands to punch the ball when you’re unsure of your ability to safely catch it.

Repeat your training drills throughout the week

In most sports, repetition is the key to consistently high levels of performance. Once you train your body to react to specific situations, you can minimize those errors in judgment that occur when our brain takes over on the field. For example, you can use soccer goalie equipment such as training gloves and balls to train for going down for the save and bouncing right back up. Repeat these drills throughout the week to build your game rhythm.

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